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DAY 11

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Today was a day of jobs and rest.

Got up reasonably early this morning, and went out to the paddock to clear out some mown grass that was covering an area that needed to be sprayed so we could landscape it. That was alright, it wasn't too hot which was good.

My brother had our neighbour come over for a motorbike ride at about 10, and after that my brother and I had to clear all the dead stalks out of a flax bush that lines our driveway. It got really hot quite quickly, so we decided to head inside for some water, of which we didn't end up going back out until about 4:00.

Most of the time in between I spent just mucking around my room, I cleaned up a bit, and then got a crochet kit out and tried a few knots and things. I couldn't get the knot where you attach it to the second row though, and wasn't motivated enough to try and figure it out, so it didn't last too long.

Once my brother and I finished the flax, we got our skateboards out and decided to try a few more of the tricks. We're both definitely getting more comfortable with the board as a whole, and we're starting to get the ollies, shuvvits and pop-shuvvits more consistently now. I managed to land a few shuvvits awkwardly, before I fell off and scooted my board into the pool. So I retreated to the shed to grab some WD40, just to make bearings don't freeze up.



A couple of things to add to the list today which is good! Fingers crossed a few more in the next few days, I'm keen to pull my old skateboard apart and to get the crocheting thing down.

1. Launched Blog

2. Written my First Blog Post

3. Mini Photoshoot with Skateboard

4. Finished Editing English Piece One

5. Baked Pinwheel Scrolls

6. Learnt How to Ride the Motorbike (again)

7. Sorted Through Mezzanine

8. Movie Night With McKeely

9. Made Hash Browns

10. Farm Ride with Mum

11. Movie Night with Elisha

12. Made Luminary Jar

13. Made Oreo Balls

14. Washed RX8

15. Tribe Online

16. Movie Night with Friends

17. Set Up Corral

18. Make Up with Keely

19. Rode Tina in Round Pen

20. Tribe Movie Night

21. Cleared Spray Area

22. Cleaned out Flax Bushes

23. Started Crocheting

Until tomorrow,


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