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DAY 14 & 15

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

It's been two weeks! Halfway there, would ya look at that! I'm doing a double post today, as some settings reset, and my blog posts were turning out pink! That definitely does not work for my theme so I ended up fixing it this morning, and planning to post tonight.

Yesterday was a somewhat productive day, I got to leave the house for the first time in two weeks! We went into town to see my Nana, which was really refreshing to see another face besides my family. As I said in my previous post, I've been getting into crocheting, so she gave me some tips and some wool I could use to start making a little top. I can now single, double and treble crochet, which is cool, although the fact that there is US terms and UK terms still confuses me, because they are two very different stitches.

I got Cruise out of the paddock and took him over to the round pen where I just mucked around getting him to listen to me and change direction. It's really helping his focus, and I'm hoping it's helping our riding in terms of trust and connection and all that fuzzy stuff, so time will tell. I really hope it helps his voice aids as well, to give my cousin a helping hand when she's trying to get his lazy butt to go forwards for her.

Had my youth group's small groups as well, which was cool, a good catch up for the week with people my own age. In the evening my friends had a group call as well which was really nice, had a few rounds of photo roulette and then call it a night.

Today was a little less productive, I cleaned the horse paddock from the little piles, which wasn't too fun, it took me about two and a bit hours. I spent the rest of the afternoon figuring out my top design for the crocheting, as I am making up half of the design so that it is more of a singlet rather than a bikini top.

I got outside tonight as well and took some moon photos, which I haven't done in a long time, I'm more of a star person. It went way better than I thought, I think it's because I had the long distance lens on, I usually just stick to the 18-135mm which is hardly suitable.



1. Launched Blog

2. Written my First Blog Post

3. Mini Photoshoot with Skateboard

4. Finished Editing English Piece One

5. Baked Pinwheel Scrolls

6. Learnt How to Ride the Motorbike (again)

7. Sorted Through Mezzanine

8. Movie Night With McKeely

9. Made Hash Browns

10. Farm Ride with Mum

11. Movie Night with Elisha

12. Made Luminary Jar

13. Made Oreo Balls

14. Washed RX8

15. Tribe Online

16. Movie Night with Friends

17. Set Up Corral

18. Make Up with Keely

19. Rode Tina in Round Pen

20. Tribe Movie Night

21. Cleared Spray Area

22. Cleaned out Flax Bushes

23. Started Crocheting

24. Farm Ride

25. Motorbike Photoshoot

26. Skids in the RX-8

27. Visited Nana

28. Small Groups

29. Moon Photos

Until tomorrow,


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