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DAY 38-48

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Alrighty. Well now that we are well into Level Three and are hopefully moving into Level Two in the next week, I believe this will be the last post of my isolation diary series. This means that we will be able to go back to school and socialize with friends, as long as we practice social distancing with strangers and keep a record of who we have been in contact with. I am happy to announce that New Zealand has less than three cases a day for probably the last couple of weeks, and I reckon that's pretty cool!

In terms of what I've been up to, I honestly cannot remember half of it, due to the fact that almost every day has turned into groundhog day, everything I do kinda of smooshes into the other, which I believe is the same for a lot of people.

A few of the highlights, however, was definitely seeing three of my friends for the first tie in like 7 weeks. It was also my birthday, and we expanded our 'bubble' to include my aunty and my cousins which was super cool, as it meant I could have them over for the day.

I had a few more photoshoots, and I've updated them onto my portfolio. Here's a few of my favourite photos from each:

In terms of movies, we watched an absolute classic with the cousins last night, 'Tron: Legacy,' which yes is not the original one, but is the Tron my brother and I grew up on and had an absolute obsession over as kids.

We also watched another movie, an Arnie Schwarzenegger one called The 6th Day. It's all about cloning and the rights and perspectives on it, but it's a little hard to follow at times. And you can bet there's a heap of one liners in there.

My brother has spent a lot of his time making a little pump track for his mountain bike, and it's actually really cool. The only problem is there's a huge jump in the middle, that neither me or my cousins can do, so we spent half the day yesterday building a second section with a smaller tabletop for us to use instead.

I've also been helping my Mum out with her riding, so I gave her a bit of a lesson, and got Tina going over some trotting poles with a small crossbar at the end without rushing, which was really cool, as that is a habit she's had since she arrived at our place.

I've bee doing bits of skateboarding here and there, and I know that at the start of this I said I'd like to be able to do a kickflip, but I'm a little way off that yet. I haven't been on my board for quite enough time, but I'm getting there! I can almost ollie while rolling now, and I'm sooo close to landing the shuvvits consistently which is cool. I'm happy with where I'm at and I'm sure I'll get there eventually.

Other than all that, I've mostly just been doing schoolwork, I'm a little behind which is slightly stressful, but I also don't have the brainpower at home to put my mind to work and catch up 😂. Planning to have a bit of a 'physics day' sometime in the next week and get myself back on track...

I've come quite a way since the start of this series, and I'm actually really surprised I stuck with it. I had to force myself to stop procrastinating and write this post however, even though it's most likely the last one I'm going to write in isolation. So, I hope you've enjoyed it somewhat, and I'll be able to look back in a few years and see that maybe I can be productive when I'm stuck in the same house for 50 days or so.

ANYWAY, onto the good stuff. Here's just a fat selection of memes because why not.



1. Launched Blog

2. Written my First Blog Post

3. Mini Photoshoot with Skateboard

4. Finished Editing English Piece One

5. Baked Pinwheel Scrolls

6. Learnt How to Ride the Motorbike (again)

7. Sorted Through Mezzanine

8. Movie Night With McKeely

9. Made Hash Browns

10. Farm Ride with Mum

11. Movie Night with Elisha

12. Made Luminary Jar

13. Made Oreo Balls

14. Washed RX8

15. Tribe Online

16. Movie Night with Friends

17. Set Up Corral

18. Make Up with Keely

19. Rode Tina in Round Pen

20. Tribe Movie Night

21. Cleared Spray Area

22. Cleaned out Flax Bushes

23. Started Crocheting

24. Farm Ride

25. Motorbike Photoshoot

26. Skids in the RX-8

27. Visited Nana

28. Small Groups

29. Moon Photos

30. Made Dad's Present

31. Movie Night

32. Easter Camp Sessions

33. Dad's Birthday

34. X & Y Jeans

35. Cleaned Desktop

36. Completed Empire Skate Design

37. Washed Windows

38. Jono Horse Riding Lesson

39. Arthur Blessitt Doco

40. Car Photoshoot

41. Character Design

42. Make Up with Keely

43. Tribe

44. Elysium

45. Tribe Kahoot

46. Passengers

47. Stayed Overnight at Nana's

48. Drove the Mini

49. Tribe with Irish Group

50. Finished Heaphy Video

51. Cut Flax

52. Watched Tron

53. Turned 17!

54. Riding Lessons with Mum


To everyone who read all of these, you're a true hero, and I appreciate it.

Thank you, and goodnight! 🙌

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