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Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Day Four. It feels so much longer than that. It feels like a month ago since I was at school in class as normal, thinking it wouldn't be shut down at all. I'm actually still trying to decide if this isolation thing is a good thing or a bad thing in terms of schoolwork. On one hand, I have so much more time to do things that I want to, and schoolwork only equates to one hour a day, but at the same time I feel like that is gonna come and bite me in the butt later on.

I actually hustled down and did exactly an hour of physics today, which didn't go as bad as I thought it would. We're working on an internal, titled Modern Physics, which covers pretty much everything that comes under Quantum Physics. I barely know what that means, let alone the actual content. We have a book to work out of which makes it a lot easier, but you really don't want to be stuck on a question, because there ain't nobody there to help you out.

I also went up to the mezzanine above our shed, and was asked to sort out my boxes, but ended up sifting through about 40 years worth of photos from my parents' travels and younger parts of their lives. It made me think, I really like the fact that most of the photos we take are stored online and can be kept digitally, but part of me wishes that having hard copies of photos was more common. It's such a cool way to make the photos mean more. Maybe that could be a project for another day?

There were a few other things I did today, like another session of rowing, an extended skateboarding stint, in which I managed to get the board even higher and get the board to flatten out a little more.

I just want to say that, to whoever invented Netflix Party, you are a genius. My best friend from America and I were able to watch a movie together for the first time in over a year and I honestly have missed it so much! Heads up, if any of you are looking for a good chick flick, Barely Lethal is really worth a watch. As predictable as it is.

It follows this girl who is trained from a young age to be a military assassin, and wants a simple life as a teenager. She fakes her death and runs away to to be an exchange student and is introduced to high school life. The rest is pretty self explanatory.



Feeling pretty good about today, that feeling of unproductiveness is starting to go away which is really great. I think if I have time I might start drafting some 'real' posts for this blog, just so it actually starts to have a purpose, but no guarantees on the timing yet. I'm going to do some exploring and see if there's some other things I can add to these posts as well, so the layout can be mixed up a little bit more. But for now, I hope you're enjoying what you read.

1. Launched Blog

2. Written my First Blog Post

3. Mini Photoshoot with Skateboard

4. Finished Editing English Piece One

5. Baked Pinwheel Scrolls

6. Learnt How to Ride the Motorbike (again)

7. Sorted Through Mezzanine

8. Movie Night With McKeely

Until tomorrow,

Bye ✌

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