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Updated: Apr 5, 2020

It's almost been a week! It feels so much longer than that honestly. I believe it's day four of the official lock down, but I'm only keeping up with how long I've been at home.

Today was definitely a lazy day. I stayed in bed until almost ten again, guilty as charged. Because obviously church is cancelled, there was a little online recording we listened to for half an hour or so on renewal in a time like this.

After that, Dad suggested I make the pinwheel scrolls again, and they were too good not to, so I made another batch of about 11. This time when I made them I cut them up thinner, and they ended up being roughly the same size as the others, only more of them!

We did a little more skateboarding, trying to perfect that little spin on the Strawberry Milkshake trick, but its pretty hard to convince yourself to jump on top of a spinning board. Something I really got to get over haha.

I did another 2000m of rowing, just because my legs were already sore fro skateboarding, I'd bashed my ankles and shin a few times from the board so I decided to give myself a break.

My brother and I played a little more Tomb Raider, but didn't get too far as there was this huge mob of enemy attacks that we couldn't get past, so we called it a day after a few tries.

The reason I am posting this post this morning is because I had a group call with some of my friends last night that did not end until quite late, and I might have forgotten to post...




So yeah, nothing to add today!

1. Launched Blog

2. Written my First Blog Post

3. Mini Photoshoot with Skateboard

4. Finished Editing English Piece One

5. Baked Pinwheel Scrolls

6. Learnt How to Ride the Motorbike (again)

7. Sorted Through Mezzanine

8. Movie Night With McKeely

9. Made Hash Browns

10. Farm Ride with Mum

11. Movie Night with Elisha

Until tomorrow,

Bye ✌

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